Book Club: Rex the Big Dinosaur by Ronne Randall

This week our book is dedicated to little kids with beginner level English! The book we are highlighting is “Rex the Big Dinosaur” by Ronne Randall. The easy story line and vocabulary made it perfect for our smaller kids – and everyone loves a dinosaur! We decided to pair it up with a more complicated craft project – a catching game. If you would like to see a complete tutorial for the project check it out here at Nailed it.

You will need:
A copy of “Rex the Big Dinosaur” by Ronne Randall
Toilet paper rolls
Green Paint
Paint brushes
Google eyes
Colored paper
String or yarn

Language development: dinosaur teeth, big versus small, dinosaur, to roar, to be afraid, sad, happy, to play, toilet paper roll, green, red, paint brush, eyes, string (or yarn), teeth, tongue and to catch (click here to download flashcards)

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Introduce the related vocabulary by using flashcards and playing games.
Step 2: Read book. Remember to stop and point at the images and act out what you are reading – this soooo important with beginner level children.
Step 3: Follow the tutorial to create the catching game with a dinosaur twist. We added big white teeth and a green crest to our dinosaurs. And don’t forget the red bird/dinosaur – just like in the book.

Looking for different books to try out with your classes? Remember to look at our book club archive.

Have fun

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