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BOOK CLUB: Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans together with easy CRAFT

I remember reading the classic book, Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans, to my little sister. The romantic illustrations in the book always fascinated me. My favorite was the illustration and idea of the “old house in Paris covered with vines”. Recently I looked up who did the illustrations and discovered that Ludwig Bemelmans not only wrote Madeline but did the illustrations as well! Wow. This led to the creation of our own DREAM HOUSES for the book club made out of paper cups and a little bit imagination. Easy. Low cost. No mess. What could be better than that for a book club!

You will need:
Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans
Paper cups
Corrugated colored card stock

Vocabulary Development: mice, 12, bread, happy, sad, brush teeth, house, go to bed, tiger, rabbit, snow, roof, house, scar, cup, window, door, paper and markers

Flashcards: Remember to take time to make flash cards. (madeline flashcards 2 and madeline flashcards 2).

First of all, hand out cups and markers. Let the kids create their own DREAM HOUSES.

Remember to add lots of small details like vines, house numbers and windows.

Finally, cut out a small circle and staple to create a roof for the houses.

Another easy craft idea from FunLab:)
Have fun!

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