Book Club: “What the ladybird heard” by Julia Donaldson

Here is another book in our BOOK CLUB series. This wonderful book by Julia Donaldson has the ladybird saving the day (or night in this case)! The craft project for this story is a fun ladybird magnet. All you have to do is paint the wood piece red and then decorate it with black markers. Add a small piece of pipe cleaner and a magnet and the project is done!

Language Development: hen, farm, duck, goose, sheep, hog, horse, cow and ladybug, key, map, gate, police, paint brush, red, black, markers, antennae, magnet (download flashcards here).

You will need:
A copy of “What the Ladybird heard” by Julia Donaldson
Wooden circles
Adhesive magnets
Red acrylic paint
Chenille Stems
Deco Markers
Acrylic glaze

Let’s get started

Step 1: Introduce vocabulary and read book. Are you new to using Book Club in a bilingual setting? If you need some suggestions read this post.

Step 2: Paint the wooden circle red. Let dry and decorate with black markers.

Step 3: Turn over and glue on chenille stem formed to look like antennae. Add the adhesive magnet!

Step 4: Paint with acrylic glaze to give colors a boost! Look at the kid’s versions of our ladybird!

Have fun!
If you try it out send us your feedback

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