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Bead Explosion with Spinsational

Bead Explosion with Spinsational

You are going to love this one! The Spinsational from Make It Real goes beyond being just another bead kit. This little tool loads seed beads onto the thread for you! I love beading but threading seed beads onto the needle always has slowed me down. Now with just a quick spin you can create long beaded threads. The best part is the cupcake shape. I tried the Spinsational with one of the FunLab minitesters. She loved the cupcake shape of the bead loader. After she left I decided to try it out on my own. I think that I had as much fun as the minitester did! Let me show you what I made. Our Bead Explosion with Spinsational has been one of our biggest hits so far with the testers.

You will need:

Spinsational by Make It Real

fabric pencil cases

Let’s get started!

There are some really cute stickers included in the kit. We used them to decorate the bead bottles but you could also add them to the cupcake bead threader!

Bead explosion with Spinsational

Start by loading the beads that you like into the cupcake!

Thread the needle and add a stopper. These stoppers are amazing. No more beads flying off the tread – you don’t have to worry about losing your work!

Bead Explosion with Spinsational

Spin the cupcake and start threading the colourful beads up onto the needle and then slide onto the thread.

Keep going until the beaded thread is a long as you need.

Bead explosion Spinsational

Put another bead stopper on the second end. That way you don’t lose any beads while you are organising the next step of project!

Bead explosion Spinsational

Arrange the writing onto the fabric pencil case. We decided to write love.

Pin the beaded thread onto the fabric pencil case.

Beaded explosion Spinsational

Sew onto the pencil case.

Bead explosion Spinsational

During this time of giving, I decided to try to add some homemade gifts to what I put under the Christmas tree. I thought that the beaded pencil case that I made during our Bead Explosion with Spinsational would be fun addition to my gift plans. Watch the full video to see how we did it!

If you liked this post using beads take a look at the tutorial we put up using beads!

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