Back to school with PAPER BEAD LETTERS

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I am always looking for a way to recycle the mountains of toy catalogs that are sent to us every year. Here is a great way to use high quality paper that you want to recyle – make PAPER BEADS. We decided to assemble our beads into letters to hang in the store windows during the back to school season (final size A4 paper). Come see how easy it is to create these PAPER BEAD LETTERS!

You will need:
Old paper
Craft wire

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Cut out paper into triangles and strips. You want the trianges to be the full length of the paper so that your beads will be big enough.
prepare paper

Step 2: Use a toothpick to start rolling the triangle from the wide end.

Step 3: Keep rolling until almost all the paper is incorporated into the bead. Glue the flap.

Step 4: Press the flap onto the side of the bead.

Step 5: Keep rolling until you have beads of all shapes a sizes.
lots of beads

Step 6: Cut out a length of craft wire. Slide beads onto the wire. I used beads made out of strips as a spacer. Keep going until you have filled the entire length of the craft wire.

Step 7: Depending on what letter you make you can bend the craft wire around the bottom bead to hold in place.

Step 8: You can also feed the wire between multiple beads to build more complicated letters like A and B.

These letters are large but you can make any size. I think that the large letters would be colorful addition to any bedroom or CLASSROOM as a back to school project!!!!

Have fun


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