Back to school: Recycled Shoe Bag

A Recycled Shoe Bag? For your back-to-school? Why not….This summer I organized my massive craft/sewing box and found hidden in the bottom a collection of cloth bags that I have saved over the years.  Have you ever received a present that came in a pre-made cloth bag?  A bottle of wine or an Easter cake?  I can never bring myself to throw these cute fabric bags away but I only have so much space in by exploding craft box.  While I was sorting through the different sized bags, I found one that seemed the perfect size for two kid sized shoes! I decided to turn the bag into a convenient bag to store gymnastic shoes that need to be left at school – just in time to start the new school year!

You will need:
Fabric bag

I wanted to add a drawstring to the top of my bag so that it could be closed – did not want to risk the shoes falling out all over the place and getting lost:)

Step 1: Decide how much of a ruffle you want on the top of your bag. Turn the fabric down towards the inside the bag. I decided to turn my top down 6.5 cm. Pin in place.

Step 2: You need to open one of the side seams to pass the drawstring through.

Step 3: Sew around the opening so that the seam will not unravel.

Step 4: Sew two parallel seams all the way around the bag to make the casing for the drawstring.

Step 5: Use a safety pin to thread a string through the casing. We added two colorful beads onto the end of our string so that it could not slip back into the casing.

Now the fun part can begin. We used left over scraps of felt, buttons and ribbon to add two decorative shoes to our bag but your imagination is the limit!


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