Back to school in style: Beaded barrette

Are you bogged down with the homework blues?  Try out this fun back to school project to break up all the summer homework that the kids have to do.  Last week we learned how to make a beaded piece using a Native American Bead Loom – now we will transform our creation into a fashionable barrette to wear on the first day back to school!

You will need:
Beaded Pieces
Barrette makings

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Cover the ends of the barrette with colored ribbon.

Step 2: Wrap the ribbon around the center of the barrette.

Step 3: Glue on back of the barrette.

Step 4: Now glue on the beaded decoration!

I used barrette makings that I found in a craft store in the States but you could also recycle an old barrette for this project! Stay tuned for more fun back to school projects.


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