Back to School: Homemade friendship bracelets

After we made the Beaded Backpack Pin, I had a flash memory of making bracelets for my friends at the end of the summer.  I was not sure if I remembered how to make them but… after a few attempts I figured it out.  We decided that a great back to school treat for our friends would be personalized friendship bracelets.

You will need:
Embroidery floss
Safety Pin

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Pick three different colors from the embroidery floss and cut out a 20 cm (50 inches) length from each one.

Step 2: Tie a knot in the middle of the three pieces of floss.

Step 3: Use the knot to attach the bracelet to a pillow with a safety pin.

How to tie a knot:  There is only one knot to learn. Learn it and you can make all sorts of colorful bracelets!

Knot Step 1: Take the thread on the far left (green) and fold over the thread next to it on the right (white). Basically you have created the number 4 with your threads!

Knot Step 2: Pass the green thread around the back of the white thread and gently slide it up towards the top of the bracelet. Hint: Remember to hold the white thread taunt and slide the GREEN knot up to the top of the bracelet.

IT IS AS EASY AS THAT!!! Now back to our bracelet.

Step 4: Starting with the thread on the left (pink) tie a knot using the pink thread all the way across the other colors. Sounds confusing but…look at the pictures and you will what I am talking about.
See how I have two pink threads on the left:

After I use the first pink thread and tie knots across I end up with that pink thread on the far RIGHT of the bracelet:

This movement from left to right will create colorful stripes across the friendship bracelet.

Step 5: When you have reached the desired length of the bracelet divide your threads into two groups of three. Braide each of the groups and tie off at the end.

When I was little craft kits did’t really exist. We used left over sewing supplies from my Mom’s magical supply box. For those of you at home who are overwhelmed by the idea of hunting down the materials: there are many great kits to pick from. For example, the ALEX toys BFF Cord Bracelet Kit.


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