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Autumn Wreath

Autumn Wreath

The first week of September we held our back to school English camp. The week was dedicated to my favorite season, AUTUMN. One of the many projects that I planned to have our campers complete during the week was an Autumn Wreath. At my parents home, there is always a wreath on the front door as it simbolizes welcome. My mom changes it every season – hence the AUTUMN WREATH project at camp:).

I found these great cardboard precut wreathes online (in America, of course) and that convinced me that we could pull it off. If you can’t find the precut wreathes just get cutting – turn all those Amazon orders into an afternoon of crafting! After looking around on the internet for different ideas, I decided on a wrapping based activity. You can see my sample Autumn Wreath here.

Autumn Wreath

The older groups made it first but we quickly realized that the little kids were going to have too hard a time with the wrapping part of the craft. The best laid plans often go wrong. We were about the scrap doing the Autumn Wreath with the group when Miss Holly (a shout out to our Art teacher) decided to rethink the project. She looked through the material in the Art lab and then came to me with tissue paper and our autumn craft supplies and suggested a tissue art collage alternative for the little kids.

Her alternative project ended up being a great sucess! The “little” kids ended up making colorful and fun Autumn Wreathes that went way beyond what we had expected. I guess it just goes to show that sometimes simplier is better when working with kids. They added their creativity to make a wonderful welcoming Autumn wreath. Thanks Holly for saving the day!

Keep crafting

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