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Animal hands part II – even we made animal hands!

It is true that it is not a novel idea but I found it to be fun so I used it for a workshop held outside with lots of kids.
In a short time the strangest colored animals were moving on the hands of the kids and the Moms were carefully taking notes on how to make faces for future birthday parties. One thing is certain: with just a little bit of paper you can have a really good time!
It is easy to make: just fold an A4 sheet of paper into three (the long way), overlap the margins and glue them together. This way you have made a type of paper sleeve. Fold it in half. Fold the top half towards the bottom and the bottom half toward the top… I know it sounds difficult but it is really easy. Try it out. Slip your fingers into the two openings so that you can open and close the mouth. Your face is now ready to decorate. Add eyes, nose, ears and a long red tongue!
Cows, snakes, dogs, cats, bunnies and why not bats and spiders for Halloween: have a good time!
See you with another idea!

Laura for FunLab

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