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All about FRUIT

All about fruit

Want to know the FunLab approach to teaching English? MAKE IT FUN! Last week at camp the topic was FOOD. In this post, I will show you all the creative ways we used to teach the ALL about FRUIT! section to our budding bilingual kids. We set a quick vocabulary list to include: apple, pear, banana, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, pineapple, orange, lemon, cherries, and grapes. We generated flashcards in two formats for our ALL about FRUIT target vocabulary. I made them in an extra large format for activities and in a smaller format for memory. Don’t forget to download the ALL about FRUIT teaching material by clicking on the button at the end of the post! (It is FREE).

Let’ get started on the ALL ABOUT FRUIT activities!

Activity 1: FRUIT SALAD – leaf painting. After we finished working on the target vocabulary (don’t forget to download by clicking the button at the end of the post for the free material!), we went for a short nature walk in the park. The kids collected all sorts of leaves. When we got back to the art lab we looked at the leaves and tried to turn them into fruit from our list. We then used the super cool pens that I found on AMAZON.IT to paint the leaves. After the leaves were dry I ran them through the LAMINATOR (my favorite tool!) and cut out our fruit. The kids took turns telling me which fruit they wanted in the their fruit salad.

All about FRUIT!

Activity 2: FRUIT t-shirts. We gave each child a t-shirt and asked them to decorate with their favorite fruit. To make things easier (and a little less messy) we used the fabric crayons from Pentel. This activity was a huge hit! I was amazed at how dedicated they were!

All about FRUIT!

Activity 3: FRUIT magnets. I found these great DIY magnets at Tiger. I cut each sheet into 6 squares. We then asked the kids to draw their FAVORITE FRUIT on the magnet. This activity is a little more complicated in that for the best results you need to use SHARPIES. After explaining to the kids that these were big kid pens they were so careful not dirty the table and their hands so it worked out just fine!

All about FRUIT!

Activity 4: FRUIT key chains. If you have never used polyshrink with kids you have to try this out! We gave each child a piece of polyshrink. We used COLORED PENCILS to do the drawings and shrunk with our embosser.

Activity 5: Book Club. Sometimes it is nice to have a quiet moment and do a book reading. The book that I choose for the all about FRUIT curriculumn is an easy read starring the silly cat Pete and his adventures with a really bad banana.

Activity 6: FUNLAB CAFE lapbook. I have saved this activity for last but it is probably the most important activity that we did all week. The children have an archive of the vocabulary that we worked on to take home and share with their parents. This is a great way to involved parents in the learning process. I am just going to give you a sneak peek now but the entire project will be published later in the summer. Welcome to the FunLab Cafe!

How do you teach English to your students? Let us know!

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