A special card for a special guy-Father’s Day 2011

How many of us are guilty of not knowing what to give Dad for his birthday (or at Christmas!)? I have fallen into the tie and dress shirt option too many times to not get a kick out of this adorable idea for a Father’s Day card. We were looking for an easy idea for the FunLab gang to put together in honor of Dad and we ran across at least three different posts for similar style cards! We decided to try them out and see which technique would work best for us. The three links are Martha Stewart , Family Fun by Disney and First Palette. The first card that we tried was that proposed by Martha Stewart and I have to say that our idol let us down this time. We were not able to get the folding to work beyond step two and had to abandon the project. The next two posts gave much better results.

Card number 2 by Disney’s Family Fun (this is a very easy project with a cute result)
You will need:
construction paper
glue stick
small buttons

Step 1: Cut out a 10 x 30 cm piece of colored construction paper.  Fold it in half in order to make a 10 x 15 cm card.

Step 2: Cut a 2,5 cm long slit around 2,5 cm down from the folded end on both sides of the card (sounds confusing but really easy if you look at the image below).  Fold towards the center of the card in order to make the neck of the shirt.

Step 3: Cut out a tie from another color of construction paper. Place so that it will fit well into the neckline of the shirt and use glue stick to adhere. Glue down the neck pieces.

Step 4: Glue on small “lost” buttons. I have a small jar of random button that were just perfect for the finishing touch.

Card number 3 by First Palette (this is MY PERSONAL FAVORITE-the post even has templates for the tie!)
You will need:
White card stock
watercolor crayons
glue stick
small buttons

Step 1: Place the card stock horizontally in front of you. Draw a vertical line down the center of your paper. Fold in one side using this line to know where to fold the paper. Fold in the second side, slightly overlapping the first flap so that it looks like a shirt front (paper should be folded into three at this point).

Step 2: Print out a tie template. We used watercolor crayons to decorate it and it was a lot of fun. Cut out both the tie and neckpiece. Fold over so that the dotted line area can serve as a ear to attach the two pieces to the card.

Step 3: Line up the tie so that it is in the center of the front of the shirt. Glue the ear of the tie piece to the back of the card.

Step 4: Position the neck piece so that it fits over the tie. Glue the ear to the back of the card. You should completely cover that of the tie.

Step 5: Glue on small buttons to make it look like a dress shirt! (We left the card under a heavy book overnight so that it would lie flat).

All the cards need are a special message and they are ready to go.

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