A Musical Cow-book reading and creative lab in one afternoon!

Great job!
Good job! for the kids who participated in the Saturday at FunLab and another Good job! for the kids who participated in the Sunday with FunLab at the Mondadori Multicenter!
We added something new this weekend: a book reading!
All the kids listened carefully to the story and participated with comments and emotions regarding the trials and tribulations of a special “musical cow”.
And then… we started with the paints! In keeping with the topic presented in the book, we made musical instruments using recycled materials: colorful guitars out of cardboard, corks and rubber bands, as well as festive maracas made out of cardboard tubes!
Two intense hours of hard work after which all the kids asked: “Can we make another one?”
Come have fun with us this weekend while we create TOYS.
Of course, it will be another colorful workshop!

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