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A fall mirror decorated with beans, seeds and cereals

I love objects made out of unfinished wood. They are perfect for personalization and are a great starting place for my type of creativity they. A couple of days ago I purchased a mirror (malma) at the local Ikea, and with a little bit of imagination we gave it a vintage-autumn touch. Seeds, beans and cereals were used to create a colored wave along the frame of the mirror .

This project is perfect for kids over 6 years of age; it is easy to put together but it takes patience and time to complete and small kids, in my opinion, could get bored. For adults, on the other hand, it is a relaxing activity after a long day at work!

You will need:

  1. Malma Mirror from ikea or any other wooden frame
  2. Mixed seeds and rice. (You can also use beans and other small objects such as buttons for example)
  3. Fast drying glue
  4. Glue spray

How to make it:

Draw waves or other geometric shapes on the frame with a pencil.

Cover the first wave with glue. Pick a cereal or bean and cover the glue completely. Continue alternating different cereals and seeds until you have covered the entire surface of the frame.

Spray the entire decoration. This helps the small pieces to stay stuck to the frame as well as giving it a nice finish. Remember to cover the mirror with a piece of paper while you spray the decoration.

This is what our final product looked like. How will yours turn out?

Linda from Pane, amore e creatività

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