A Brighter World – Sargent Art Contest 2011

This week I had the unique opportunity of seeing the back stage at a local Milan Scuola Materna. Sargent Art has decided to allow Italian children to participate in an American art contest that they sponsor once a year. In order to facilitate the submission of the required photographs, I spent a couple of hours with a group of fantastic teachers who allowed me to look through a year’s worth of art projects in order to decide which projects (and kids) to submit to the contest.

I could not believe the imagination and passion that these teachers had invested in stimulating the creativity of their young students. From collages to tempera paintings, we put together a selection of “masterpieces” to submit to Sargent Art. Now it is just a matter of waiting to see which one of our young artists is the winner!

Stay tuned because we will be announcing the winner in June!

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