6 Winter DIY Kids Craft Projects

For children, winter is a wonderful time and, when the weather turns cold, it’s time for them to come inside and do some fun craft projects. Children have the most fun when they create snowman and play with snow, so it makes sense that their winter DIY craft projects should include these as well.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some DIY craft project ideas that kids can do during winter:

Icy Ornaments- it is easy to make icy ornaments and children can get creative with it. With a sphere ice tray, children can add colourful objects, like plastic beads and berries. Fill the tray with water and allow it to freeze outside. Hang the sphere-shaped ice ornaments outside on trees, the mailbox, porch, or a fence.
To see a cute tutorial, please click here

Snow Jar- if children love playing with snow globes, they can make their own with some empty jars with lids. Children only need glue, glitter, and water to do this craft project. Glue small figurines like snowman or Santa inside the jar.
Fun to make… tutorial at this link

Bird Feeder- it’s fun feeding and watching birds during winter. With a bird feeder, children can attract wild birds and watch them from inside. Mix bird feed and water, then freeze them outside. Children can use a Bundt pan or any container to make their frozen bird feeders. Alternatively, children can mix peanut butter and bird feed, shape it into a ball and freeze it. Hang the frozen bird feeder outside and wait for wild birds to come.
We did a nice bird feeder in the past, check here and here

Stained Glass Snowman- making stained glass snowman is an exciting craft activity. Use clear contact paper to make snowman and make stained-glass effect with coloured tissue paper. It’s an easy DIY project and something that even toddlers can do.

Sparkly Painting- prepare paint palettes, paint brushes, washable tempera paint, washable liquid glue, Epsom salt, and thick art paper. Allow children to make any painting, preferably with mostly white and colours to match the season. When the painting is almost dry, parents can apply liquid glue on the painting and sprinkle Epsom salt.

Snowflake Sticks- glue some popsicle sticks together to make a simple snowflake. Apply glue on both sides and sprinkle colourful glitter. This craft is also very easy for small children to make. They can hang these colourful snowflakes on the Christmas tree as part of the decorations. 
To see a cute tutorial, please click here  

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