Homemade Scratch Art

FunLab campers love scratch art – so my question was can we make it instead of buying the sheets? After a little bit of research online I found lots of sites which used HOMEMADE SCRATCH ART which inspired me to try it out at the FunLab Bilingual Summer Camp. This is an excellent project for TEACHERS – low cost with lots of creative possibilites!

You will need:

Water color paper
Oil pastels
Black acrylic paint

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Cut a piece of watercolor paper in 4 equal parts. Color a rainbow with oil pastels.

Step 2: Use a q-tip to smooth over the pastels covering completely the white paper.

Step 3: Paint with black acrylic paint.

Step 4: START SCRATCHING away the black and discover the colors underneath! You can even use the small end of a paint brush to scratch away the paint.

We were talking about leaves and the kids created reproductions of the different leaves we collected during out nature walk!
have fun
Alison Smith