Painted rocks: APPLE SEASON

Looking for a project that mixes crafts and art? Try out any one of our painted rock posts:). In this post, we turn little white rocks into ruby red apples. Get out your brushes, scissors, paper and foam – it is time to get working! If you are developing an ESL program this is an easy low cost project to add to your lesson plan dedicated to fruit!

You will need:
Craft Foam

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Paint rocks red. Have the kids look at the different shaped rocks and find those that look apple-ish!

Step 2: Cut out a piece of brown craft foam and roll into a stem. Glue.
make apple stem

Step 3: Glue a small leaf shape and stem on top of your “apples”.
finished apple

We had some Woven Baskets (LINK) in the craft room which we filled with little apples to create APPLE SEASON.

Have fun