Crafts for kids: a Christmas wreath

Colored craft sticks are a versatile material for creative projects. All it takes is a little bit of glue to create toys and fun projects. Searching on the web, I found an idea for converting these sticks into Christmas wreath using the green sticks.

The final result is really cute and can be hung on window at home once completed!  The project is quite easy and fast, want to see how it is done?   

You will need

15 green craft sticks (for sale at the Funlab shop)
Craft glue (for sale at Funlab)
Red ribbon
gold bell
gold metal wire

Let’s get started

1. Using the green sticks to make three pentagons. Glue the ends together.

2. When the glue has dried, stack the 3 pentagons and glue them together (as shown in the picture). Use clothes pins to hold the edges together.

3. Wrap the wreath with the red ribbon and then hang the bell from the metal wire (that you have previously wrapped around a pencil).

Linda di Pane, amore e creatività